Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The New York Tech Meetup on 01/09/07

Finally went back to Scott's NY Tech meetup last night. I remember first going about 18 months ago and it was in a conference room at the office in Soho - about 40 men, brooklyn beer and chips. Last night there were anywhere between 300 and 500 at Cooper Union. Good crowd and saw some good demos. My favorite can already be found on the right side of this blog - Platial's mapkit is something i'd been looking for for a long time. Great little toy. Another demo was by one of the founders of Daylife - the first public demo of the site. The guy giving the demo wasn't the best public speaker but Scott Heiferman definitely salvaged it by calling Michael Arrington "an asshole" for criticizing the fact that Daylife doesn't have RSS feeds yet.
Daylife is much hyped but I wonder what content owners are going to say once it's reached a certain scale. Daylife will want to profit from big sites'content and another Youtube legal situation might be looming. Will be interesting to watch!


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