Friday, January 25, 2008

A pharmacy and wine store combined

Some fun for Friday - make my logo bigger!

Check out this little video (unfortunately not embeddable nor shareable on Facebook).
This is a neat campaign that has apparently gained some viral traction - but could have done much better in tying it to the actual product/service (it is some agency willing to code sites for you). It also could benefit from the standard Facebook/Myspace/Addthis/Gigya modules so people can spread this easier (and they could track it easier!). Still, fun 60 seconds for a Friday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A social network for wine lovers

The other day a colleague of mine and I were wondering who would come up with a virtual wine cellar 2.0 style first. Today I found one that i'm starting to test - it's called snooth and so far so good. It lets you build your virtual cellar and rate and review wines and find similar ones. I will use this mostly as a virtual notepad to write down all the great (and not so great) wines I'm trying. The first little flaw I found is in the catalog - the wine I entered (see example below) came up with three matches that were identical except for one word - but are all the same bottle. They were also missing the label - the critical piece in my eyes as it's the most important visual cue to remember a bottle.

Arzuaga 'La Planta' Ribera del Duero 2005 (SnoothRank: 0/5)
Ribera Del Duero

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Xmas Fun with my Pleo - somewhat

I finally got my Pleo just before Christmas - it's been an instant office success! Everybody loved playing with it. Now I'm an admitted geek and so I had to get one of the first two thousand pre-orders. However, after the office success I must say I kind of got bored with the little green fella. So today I installed the Xmas special mode and here's the result:

Kind of fun, but not really that great! So as a consequence, the Pleo goes back to its cave (Ugobe) and the money back into my bank account - waiting for the next great new toy. I'd definitely get one again, but more at Furby prices than at the current Pleo price!

My mobile slideshow

This is an example of the world's first mobile slideshows created by Cellfish and Fliptrack - I'm pretty proud of this because it's fun, easy and it works! Go to and make your own now!

My Personal DNA

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