Thursday, January 03, 2008

Xmas Fun with my Pleo - somewhat

I finally got my Pleo just before Christmas - it's been an instant office success! Everybody loved playing with it. Now I'm an admitted geek and so I had to get one of the first two thousand pre-orders. However, after the office success I must say I kind of got bored with the little green fella. So today I installed the Xmas special mode and here's the result:

Kind of fun, but not really that great! So as a consequence, the Pleo goes back to its cave (Ugobe) and the money back into my bank account - waiting for the next great new toy. I'd definitely get one again, but more at Furby prices than at the current Pleo price!


Anonymous said...

ok i want one of these :)

-- allen from centernetworks

ugobeSarah said...

Thanks for your post Christian - we want to thank you for the honest feedback. Pleo is not for everyone and I'm glad that you had the chance to decide for yourself and see some of the features we are busily developing all the time..for instance we just released an update to his personality.

Wait till you see what we have in store down the line...this is a really fun time for companion robotics!

Thanks for blogging us anyway and do stay in touch with your thoughts and feedback!
Sarah & the UGOBE crew

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