Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Techcrunch Story: Avatar Is Like The iPhone Of Movies

Totally agree with Michael Arrington on Avatar - it's a game changer for special effects and will hopefully inspire the next generation of App Builders to think much much bigger and build out amazing 3-D worlds as soon as that's possible. I would go see it again any day now to take another 3-hour holiday in alternate reality aka IMAX 3-D. Avatar Is Like The iPhone Of Movies

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AVATAR is an amazing movie

Just saw Avatar tonight at the 3-D IMAX on 34th street - what a fantastic movie. The story is entertaining, somewhat predictable yet not boring. The images and the special effects (Navis, animals, trees, plants, technology) are just stunning! Especially the first hour of the movie just flies by.
I'm hoping that Cameron or someone else will turn this into a true 3-D immersive gaming experience soon - might be possible to hang out on planet Pandora in a MMOG in a few years- let's hope so. In the meantime, hit the IMAX in 3-D or if you can afford it, the Hawaiian jungle! Cudos to James Cameron for a fantastic, boundary-pushing movie!

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