Saturday, January 24, 2009

Future of social networks presentation by Charlene Li

This is a good overview about some aspects of the future of social networks by Charlene Li. I enjoyed the part on the open stack vs. facebook connect but thought the part about revenue was a bit weak - no real groundbreaking thinking there. Having just implemented Facebook Connect at Takkle (free registration required), I agree that it's going to be a key piece of any 2009 content/social site - it's just too good to pass up on. Also check out Glue which could be an interesting way to span the networks.
The Future Of Social Networks

Speech "The Future Of Social Networks: Where We Are Today" given on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2008 to the San Francisco American Marketing Association at the offices of Adaptive Path. Focus is primarily on the marketing and advertising opportunities in social media in the future.

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President Obama's first weekly Youtube address in HD

Joe Biden presidential campaign, 2008Image via WikipediaWhat a pleasure to see that President Obama is continuing his open approach and transparency drive. The speech is a little too condensed for my taste as he addresses every imaginable initiative in 5 minutes, but at least it gives you a flavor of his thinking.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Check out my interview with Russell Scibetti about the new Takkle Recruiting

I recently did an interview with Russell Scibetti about the new the best way to get discovered by college coaches - the new Takkle Recruiting. The interview is here and i'm thankful for your comments. Thanks Russell!

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