Sunday, January 13, 2008

A social network for wine lovers

The other day a colleague of mine and I were wondering who would come up with a virtual wine cellar 2.0 style first. Today I found one that i'm starting to test - it's called snooth and so far so good. It lets you build your virtual cellar and rate and review wines and find similar ones. I will use this mostly as a virtual notepad to write down all the great (and not so great) wines I'm trying. The first little flaw I found is in the catalog - the wine I entered (see example below) came up with three matches that were identical except for one word - but are all the same bottle. They were also missing the label - the critical piece in my eyes as it's the most important visual cue to remember a bottle.

Arzuaga 'La Planta' Ribera del Duero 2005 (SnoothRank: 0/5)
Ribera Del Duero


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