Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally Craigslist got updated by someone - filters, better search, easier

Great mash-up by someone who cared about Craigslist - very useful new features!

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Give Fugly Old Craigslist An Extreme Makeover

For all its utility and ubiquity, the most popular classified ad site in the world is a big, honking mess.  Yes, we’re talking about Craigslist, which still bears a design ethos and user interface that comes straight out of a garage circa 1996.

Now, thanks to a unique mash-up called Craiglook, you can enjoy Craigslist with all the bells and whistles that web 2.0 has made standard.

The site, which is not affiliated with Craigslist, uses Yahoo Pipes and Google Maps to upgrade the existing Craiglist postings.

Unlike Craigslist, Craiglook automatically tracks your location and finds listings within a 250-mile radius (though you can also refine your search by zip code and city). It also displays the subheadings of major categories, such as vacation rentals under the Housing section and appliances under For Sale.

The best part is that the search results include a summary of the listing and a thumbnail photo, which makes sorting through potential purchases much easier. (When you click on an item you’re interested in you’re taken to the actual Craigslist page of the item, so contact is made the usual way).

The site also allows you to save your search options, storing the information in your user profile.  There are also options that allow you to sort search results by price point, location and whether or not the posting has a photo.

Until Craig Newmark decides to hire, you know, a designer or something, Craiglook is a great alternative to the site it improves upon.


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