Tuesday, December 09, 2008

TAKKLE is the largest high school sports community: our blog

Reblogging this from the Takkle blog:

Do you want to play sports in college? Are you looking for an athletic scholarship? Whether you play football, basketball, soccer, baseball or you are a cheerleader or runner (or participate in any of our other 40+ sports), Takkle is here to help you get discovered! A lot of our users have been asking for help with college recruiting so we have built the best free tool for you! We know that economic times are tough so we want to help you and your family save some money!Takkle Recruiting lets you create your free Takkle RecruitMe sheet with all your stats, highlight film, academic info, degrees you're interested in and favorite colleges! And once you're done, we help you get in front of thousands of coaches by submitting you to the NCSA Recruit-Match directory which is accessed by thousands of college coaches from across the country!Check back frequently as this is only the beginning of Takkle Recruiting and please let us know your thoughts!Christian Busch, TAKKLE is the largest high school sports community: our blog, Dec 2008

You should read the whole article.

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BD said...

Appears simpler than beRecruited

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