Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 is today

KivaImage via WikipediaThis is the second time I'm participating in Blog Action Day; this year's topic is poverty. The idea of blog action day is to use the power of social media to increase awareness for the issue of poverty and to encourage a discussion. I'll use this post to promote Kiva, one of my favorite financial websites. Kiva supports entrepreneurs (mostly women) in emerging economies by providing peer-to-peer microcredits. The money is provided interest-free by people like you and me and is distributed and tracked by Kiva. I've made my first reinvestment on Kiva this year, after my support for a Popcorn maker was paid back in full. I encourage you all to support Kiva - with support from a lot of people they just won a $300,000 grant from American Express but they rely on people like us to keep them going.

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