Thursday, August 07, 2008

John McCain asks his Linkedin network for help

When I logged into Linkedin this morning I found this featured question by John McCain - Campaign '08 (a second degree contact of mine!): The question was posted 23 hours ago and has already received 825 answers as of right now. This seems like a smart campaign by the McCain camp and will certainly engage a group of educated, active Linkedin users. It's the first good example of social networking tools that I've seen from the campaign and it's a pleasant surprise that it's not yet another "Obama equals Britney and isn't ready for office" type campaign. I'm curious whether Linkedin played a part in this (for example, made him second degree friends with everyone/ featured it) or whether it's just smart campaigning. At least a glimmer of web 2.0 from McCain.
P.S. John McCain's linkedin profile is currently down - probably due to popular demand!


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