Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog action day 2008

This morning I got an email about blog action day 2008; I participated in this great initiative last year and decided to do so again. The idea is to use blogging as a means to highlight good causes. I will highlight two financial-related websites that I participate in: Prosper and Kiva. Whereas Prosper allows people with low credit scores in the US to solicit loans from others, Kiva enables micro entrepreneurs in the developing world to access Western capital. I've made loans on both and so far have received all the principal plus (in the case of Prosper) the interest back as promised. They're both great sites to make an impact with little capital and on Prosper you can probably make real money from giving out loans to well-performing borrowers. Another interesting play in this category is Virgin Money which faciliatetes lending from people you know and administers the process for you.
Enjoy these sites and good luck blog action day!


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