Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some thoughts on online networks

It's been a busy week so I'm finally sitting down to write a post today. Yesterday I had breakfast with a friend and we started talking about Linkedin and how great it is in some ways (staying in touch, finding leads, jobs, contractors etc) but how limited it still is (no visual interface for seeing networks, no API, no tagging of contacts, no ability to have "degrees of knowing people (i.e. close friend, acquaintance, lead etc.). He then emailed me this post from Readwrite that gives a good summary of Linkedin plus a comparison to Facebook. Personally, I don't think facebook will rival linkedin - it's much more of a self-expression website than a professional site.

My theory would be that most users over time will setup their professional profile (see mine here)on linkedin.

Related to networking and tagging, here's another interesting post about how we're members of multiple interest-based networks at any point in time and what impact that could have on Marketing and positioning. Pretty good forward thinking going on there. I think many people will have one predominant area of interest (e.g. NASCAR) at any one point in their life and identify themselves strongly enough to associate themselves with that interest through community affiliation/sites/products.


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