Monday, December 18, 2006

Why the future for e-commerce growth is still bright

Today I went over to Circuit City after work because the PSP game I was looking for was sold out on Amazon (I shop a lot more from them since I got Amazon Prime - it certainly works for me, but I doubt they make a dime on any of my single-item purchases).

The trouble started with the actual game - they had it, but it was locked in a case that could only be opened by a Sales Associate. After a few minutes I got someone's attention who promptly disappeared for 5mins. When she returned she didn't actually give me the game but walked it to the Cashier's with me - I suppose PSP games are on top of the in-store theft list these days...

Then I had to wait in line for another 10 minutes to finally pay for the game - at least they game me an unadvertised 15% discount...

Time in store - at least 2o minutes. Time online - 1-click checkout....


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