Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crossing the Atlantic the way it should be with Emirates

Yesterday I travelled from JFK to Hamburg for Christmas and for the first time had the pleasure of flying Emirates. The main reason for me choosing Emirates was the right date and the right place but the experience was well worth it. The friendly check-in, the fairly comfortable Economy class seats and the good food are all above standard but hardly remarkable. What really stands out are all the little details on this flight: the amazing in-flight entertainment system with 100 on-demand movies, games, internet access and a phone, the fact that all passengers get a little kit with socks, a toothbrush and sleeping goggles and the water fountains next to the restroom. The mood-lighting, the star-studded plane ceiling and the cameras below and in front of the plane also contribute to the overall positive experience. I'd take Emirates again in a heartbeat. Also see my post on the successive Lufthansa experience for the darker side of air travel.


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