Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dating Rules - our new show is a top 10 viral video this week!

Is the future of the sitcom a syndicated viral webisode series broken into three seven-minute chunks weekly? Alloy and a handful of advertisers are giving it a try, anyway.

"Dating Rules from My Future Self" makes its first appearance on the viral video chart (nearly a million views last week), and it differs from the usual entries in being more or less a webisode version of a romantic-comedy-style TV sitcom with multiple sponsors, albeit with plenty of product integration.

From Alloy, producer of CW's "Gossip Girl," it features actress Shiri Appleby of "Roswell" and "Life Unexpected" fame, in three seven- or eight-minute webisodes a week -- pretty much like a sitcom sans commercial pods, or commercials. Each segment launches with a "presented by" sequence, with Revlon, Ford, KaoBrands' Biore and Energizer Holdings' Schick among the sponsors, who also have their products featured at various times throughout the series.

The concept: Ms. Appleby plays a young woman who gets text messages from her future self warning her of relationship dangers, such as the fact that her fiance is actually a douche. Thanks to some well-timed advice during wedding planning, sponsored by Revlon, she discovers this before it's too late.

This brings to mind another concept for a web series, "Marketing Advice from My Future Self," in which time-shifted brand managers text the sponsors to let them know if they're on the right track. But they may just have to wait for the marketing-mix models.

Last WeekBrandCampaignAgencyCurrent Week Views*% Change in ViewsWatch the Spot
1NEWVolkswagenThe Bark SideDeutsch Los Angeles7,139,665NEWVolkswagen: The Bark Side

2NEWIconMotorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2NA3,786,225NEWIcon: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2

3Back on ChartMegauploadMegaupload SongNA2,125,926Back on ChartMegaupload: Megaupload Song

42Old SpiceSmell is PowerWieden Kennedy Portland999,431-37%Old Spice: Smell is Power

57GoogleChromebookBBH New York;Google Creative Lab990,2376%Google: Chromebook

6NEWBiore,Ford,Revlon,SchickDating Rules From My Future SelfAlloy Digital963,369NEWBiore,Ford,Revlon,Schick: Dating Rules From My Future Self

7NEWNikeKobesystemWieden Kennedy Portland907,549NEWNike: Kobesystem

85EvianLive YoungBETC Euro RSCG848,200-15%Evian: Live Young

98AppleIntroducing iPhone 4STBWA\Media Arts Lab811,279-12%Apple: Introducing iPhone 4S

104YouTube,LenovoSpacelab: What Will You Do?NA802,715-21%YouTube,Lenovo: Spacelab: What Will You Do?

Source: Visible Measures

The Visible Measures Top 10 Viral Video Ad Campaigns Chart focuses on brand-driven viral video ads that appear on online-video-sharing destinations. Each campaign is measured on a True Reach basis, which includes viewership of both brand-syndicated video clips and viewer-driven social video placements. The data are compiled using the Visible Measures Viral Reach Database, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on more than 100 million internet videos across more than 150 video-sharing destinations.

Note: This analysis does not include Visible Measures paid-placement (i.e., overlays, pre-/mid-/post-roll) performance data or video views on private sites. This chart does not include movie trailers, video-game campaigns, TV show or media network promotions, or public service announcements. View-count results are incremental by week.

**Indicates percent change in views compared with the same period the week before.

To notify Visible Measures of an upcoming video ad campaign, or for an end-to-end assessment of your campaign's overall performance, please contact Visible Measures directly.

Excited to make the top 10, although our show is tons more fun than megaupload or the chrome book - aiming for #1

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