Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Wright on the Upper East Side is a great restaurant discovery

The Mexican Chef Rodolfo Contreras and his crew served us a delicious meal last night; starting out with fresh Tuna Sashimi, an excellent rock shrimp amuse geule, a briny yet not too oily sardine piquillo and fresh olive rolls. The main courses were equally tasty - branzino, lobster and steak. I wouldn't repeat the deserts necessarily but the service was great and the price (also thanks to was fair. The space is very well designed, and blends right into the Guggenheim. It's a shame this restaurant isn't located downtown - if it was, this would be pumping every night. Instead, Upper East Siders get to enjoy fine dining in a modern ambiance, and we'll definitely make the trip back across the Park!

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