Friday, November 19, 2010

Shoeboxed Business Card Scanner for iPhone saves you time and helps connect.


Never lose a contact again with the Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner!

Digitize business cards and auto-share your contact information with your new contacts. Simply snap pictures of business cards with your iPhone and Shoeboxed does the rest. Important contact details are extracted with OCR and human-verified for accuracy.

• Free and unlimited business card submissions—no paid Shoeboxed account required
• Contact details including name, title, company, email address, phone numbers, city, state and zip (mailing address optional) extracted with OCR and human-verified for accuracy
• Add new contacts directly to your iPhone address book and flag duplicates
• Export contact info to BatchBook, Google Contacts, Outlook, Evernote, Salesforce, CSV, Constant Contact and dozens of other contact management and email marketing programs free at
• Auto-share your contact info with all your new contacts

All of the contact info extracted from your cards is reviewed by highly trained and qualified Shoeboxed operators to ensure accuracy. Contacts stored in the iPhone app are also backed up in your secure online account. transforms receipts, business cards, invoices and other paper documents into a secure, searchable, IRS-accepted online database. Send paper clutter to Shoeboxed via mail, email or mobile phone and say goodbye to scanners, data entry and paper cuts forever. Tax preparation, expense reporting, bookkeeping and contact management are all easier with Shoeboxed.


My friends at Shoeboxed have come up with a great new business card utility - the app lets you scan business cards for free and connect with the people you've just met. It's a free app - so go ahead and download it now!

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