Friday, June 18, 2010

Starbucks looks for a sustainable paper cup - and finds a chalkboard....

Thursday, 17 June 2010  posted by justin

The Finale

We were able to bring together great creative minds from around the world to tackle a complex and important challenge. We’ve been absolutely floored by both the process and the winning submissions.

There were 430 submissions and these were updated on average of at least 3 times in response to more than 5,000 ratings and 13,000 comments. We believed that good ideas might come from anywhere, but now we also believe the same is true of great feedback that helps make ideas better.

We’d like to thank our partners, our jurors, the participants and everyone who contributed their time and energy to writing about the project, creating submissions, and rating and commenting on ideas. We’re looking forward to helping these ideas into action.

Jury Winners:


Karma Cup (Mira Holley, Nick Partridge, Gillian Langor, Mira Lynn, Zarla Ludin, Ruth Prentice)

Special Mentions:

The Betacup & The Betacup Campaign (Jesko Stoetzer)

Champion Cup (Raph D’Amico) -

Band of Honor (Scott Moorhead) -

Community Rating Winners:

1. The Betacup & The Betacup Campaign (Jesko Stoetzer) Berlin

2. Cuptokeep (Katarina Mattsson & Angelica Lindgren) Stockholm

3. The NextCup (Wouter Middendorf) Rotterdam

4. The Neutral Resource Coffee Cup (Aaronn Levine) Solomon Islands

5. Networked Loyalty (joshbg2k) Brooklyn

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This sounds like a great program by Starbucks; funny that the winner of the sustainable cup contest is... a chalkboard to encourage people to bring their own mug.

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