Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My first experience with Facebook ads

After trying Ad Chap two weeks ago, one of my colleagues and I went straight to Facebook Ads today. We put together a little campaign in the ringtone space, wrote our own copy (the tool is quite simple) and hit the next button. The targeting is very neat, you can target by demos, gender, relationship status, interests and even political inclination (slightly more liberals than republicans, but very few people with political status on there in general). Then we hit the first snag: Facebook does not accept American Express cards! As I would imagine many business users have Amex, this is a real usability issue (no invoicing either). The next issue was, that it wouldn't let me use my card on my colleague's facebook account - but i only figured that one out by trying three times- there isn't any error messaging yet.

Finally we got the campaign live, but alas Facebook shut it down w/o giving a reason after about 20 minutes....

So summing up, nice concept, pretty mediocre execution so far!

Stay tuned for more updates


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