Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Orbitz user experience sucks

My prior experiences with Orbitz have mostly been frustrating because they can't seem to get their availability right - it has happened to me dozens of times that they show a fare, I click on it and it's be replaced by a fare three-times higher.

Last night I tried to book a flight to Germany for Christmas. I started on my favorite travel site Kayak and was referred to Orbitz for a good fare on a LH code share. I tried booking it three times and got the great error message "there was an error, please hit the back button" three times after submitting my payment information. Great start. So I picked up the phone to speak to a friendly service representative. Long story short, after several promises he'd get me the flight and after 30 minutes (!) on the phone - nothing! No flight, no booking, nothing. Tip for Orbitz: fix your engine; tip for travellers - use Kayak and then go directly to the airline.


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