Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You know when you're not 21 anymore.... in response to Guy Kawasaki

"How to change the world" is one of my favorite blogs - not updated superfrequently but always great content. This week, Guy Kawasaki blogs about how you know when you're old. Especially listen to the voicecast. My own humble, not-yet-so-old additions to this are:

1) When you can't eat half a pig anymore and not gain a gram of fat
2) When bouncers at clubs stop asking you for your ID
3) When people start using formal language when addressing you (this works better in German or Spanish)
4) When you and your friends start talking about kids and mortgages
5) When you really start substituting wine for beer (and not only 2 buck chuck)....

feel free to add more to this


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