Friday, August 24, 2007

Facebook goes into deep targeting

Last night I had a conversation with a friend of mine about several new startups in the social space, the marketing tools space and of course the advertising space. We started talking about deep targeting in social networks - the ability to leverage all the profile attributes (gender, age, interests, location, apps added, photos, videos etc) to provide targeted advertising opportunities to brands and other advertisers. This is essentially what Facebook is working on right now (subscription). There is good coverage available over on Darren's blog and also at VentureBeat. I think this will be a major way for Facebook to offer deep targeting and thus significantly increase
a) the scope of their advertisers - away from Direct Response
b) their effective CPMs - as a marketer i'd much rather pay $10 CPM for super-targeted inventory than $0.07 CPM (the lowest I've ever heard from Myspace) for carpet bombing.
And Facebook placing ads in the apps - of course they should be able to do that! Madison Square Garden also sells ads although Prince might play the music....

Overall I think this is a very exciting development and I hope it will trigger similar ones at the other social networks.


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