Monday, July 30, 2007

When a "true" New Yorker visits Silicon Valley

After 5 years in New York City I dare to consider myself a "true" New Yorker - or at least a long term guest of this exciting city. I know a few people in the startup scene here and considered it pretty exciting until a recent business trip to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. While there I had the opportunity to meet with/ talk to at least 15 entrepreneurs and discuss our company goals and their company goals, passions and dreams. The companies ranged from established players like Nokia and Microsoft to tiny startups like Heysan and Lightpole. What made me most excited was the fantastic openness of the entrepreneurs, their willingness to share ideas, discuss opportunities and make introductions to other entrepeneurs. I enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere of the second San Francisco tech boom and am hoping to come back soon. Thanks to all the people who gave me an opportunity to experience that wonderful startup culture.


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