Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pandora Meetup with Tim Westergren in NYC

Freezing temperatures didn't keep about 120 New Yorkers from flocking to a Cinema in the Village last night to meet Tim Westergren - the founder of Pandora. The session was mostly Q&A and the crowd consisted predominantly of music/Pandora enthusiasts so most questions focused on enhancements and better music selection.
Some interesting facts/trivia about Pandora (which I consider one of the most useful launches of the last few years) though:
- Guy Kawasaki provided the initial seed money for Pandora
- They went through 3 years of bootstrapping before finally getting some money from VCs in 2003
- The day they went to "Free" they got 250,000 visitors
- They're now at 5.5MM registered users!
- Revenue model will remain advertising - Tim is convinced of that
- 90210 is the most popular ZIP code (hint, hint: you have to be a US resident to listen)
- the DMCA enables and restricts Pandora in what they do - so you won't be able to listen to Madonna three times in a row here...

And now the good news - they're adding 15,000! new songs every month and classical music is coming soon!

Cheers to Tim and the free T-Shirt!

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Tim of Suburbia said...

Hey great write up. I was able to catch Tim at town hall in Durham, NC a few months back. It was great, 120 people has to be some kind of record though. I'm out here inviting all Pandora enthusiasts to share their stations at

See you in the Pandorasphere!

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